About Halshan


We are a USDA Inspected Facility, which means that all our ingredients are tested, inspected, and approved for human consumption. 

All of our food is prepared and packaged under the supervision 

of the FSIS. ( Food Safety & Inspection Service ) inspectors.


100% Natural 

Free Range Meats

Antibiotic & Hormone Free

No Grains or Fillers


Organic Vegetables 

Whole Good Ingredients


No Synthetic Vitamins Added


*Flash Frozen with Superior Vacuum Sealed Packaging

* Available in 1 lb Packages

Complete Menu


Prime Selection

*Complete & Balanced with Whole Foods    

*Organic & Natural Ingredients

Meats with Ground Bone

*Meat, Organs, and Bone

*Available with & Without Vegetables

Boneless Menu

Because this is human food for your pets, we are required to follow all USDA rules and regulations.  We are not permitted to have pet food on the label.  Add your own choice of supplements fresh, for a quick and easy homemade meal.  

Feeding raw is best, however for pets with special needs or older pets, you may warm or cook any of our diets without ground bone.  We recommend rotating the proteins, or as directed by your veterinarian.  

It is important to add calcium to meals without ground bone.  

Add approximately 1,000 milligrams of calcium per one pound of prepared food



*Meat, Organs & Non Rooted Vegetables

*Candida Free

Meat & Vegetable Mix

*Meat with Vegetables

*No Organ Meat Added

Organ Meats

*Add to Homemade Meals

*Use for Supplemental Feeding

Muscle Meats

*For Preparing Homemade Meals

*Adding Extra Protein

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