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The evolution of dogs and cats from the survival in the wild to domestication has brought many changes.  Before we adopted them, dogs and cats ate mainly small rodents.  Dogs ate birds and leftovers from larger predators.  Protein and fat from meat, fiber from hair and feathers, nutrients from organs and calcium from bone filled all their nutritional needs.  The better we can recreate our animal's natural diet, the healthier they will be.

We use only ingredients that are in the human food stream.  Our vegetables are GMO free.  Meats are U.S. sourced, hormone, and antibiotic free.  Prepared, inspected, and approved for human consumption in a USDA Certified Facility.  This level of manufacturing insures that Halshan diets are produced using the highest standards of safety available.  Each one pound serving is individually butcher wrapped and flash frozen assuring optimum freshness. 

Halshan offers a very large variety of diets that will suite any of your pets special needs. We offer diets with and without ground bone, synergy diets for dogs and cats that have allergies, and more simple diets for owners that enjoy adding
there own ingredients to their pets meal.

The Benefits to Feeding Halshan Raw Food

There are many benefits to feeding raw food, unfortunately, many pet owners do not switch until the pet is experiencing health problems.  Make the switch to Halshan to give your pets the longest, healthiest and happiest life possible. The top 10 benefits are:

1. Stronger immune system.
  Raw fed pets have greater resistance to viruses, bacteria and parasites.

2. Healthier skin and coat.
  Raw food helps keep fur soft and shiny.

3. Cleaner teeth and gums.
  When bones are included in the diet, they brush the dogs teeth.

4. Improved digestion
.  The natural enzymes in raw pet food help in digestion.

5. No more doggy odour. 
Raw fed dogs do not smell

6. Less Stool.
  Raw food has more bio available components which means less stool.

7. Less arthritis.
  Raw food helps reduce the incidence of arthritis in pets.

8. Proper bone development.
  Puppies grow more slowly which allows bones to mature properly.

9. Fewer fertility or birthing issues.
  A raw food diet will help mothers give birth to healthy puppies.

10. Increased vitality.
  The energy and nutrients in raw food will help provide for a healthy, active life.

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